Born: 1952, Paterson, NJ
BA: 1973, Bennington College, Bennington VT


2003    New York Academy of Science, New York, NY  The Microbe Paintings
1999    Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
1998    Debs & Co., New York, NY
1994    Lipton Owens Co., New York, NY
1990    White Columns, New York, NY
             Fernando Alcolea, Barcelona, Spain
1988    Wolff Gallery, New York, NY
1987    McNeil Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1986    Wolff Gallery, New York, NY
1984    Freidus Ordover Gallery, New York, NY
1983    Portico Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1982    Olsen Gallery, New York, NY


2014    “Ein Svei Dry Cat”  Kinzle Foundation Berlin
              “Painting In the Expanded Field” curated by Liselott Johnsson, Byrd Gallery of Art, Georgia Regents University
              "The Last Brucennial" curated by The Bruce High Quality Foundation, New York, NY
2013    “Come Together; Remembering Sandy” curated by Phong Bui, Brooklyn, NY
2010     American Academy of Arts and Letters, NYC  Invitational Show
2009     “Octet,” Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
2008    “Egobusters,”  CAM Gallerie, Istanbul
2007    “The Recognitions,” Fireplace Project, Easthampton,NY, curated by David Salle
2006     Michael Steinberg Gallery, “Something Different Every Day”
              Dieu Donne Papermill
             “War is Over,” Sideshow, Brooklyn, New York.
2004     Rubin Museum of Art, Sidewalk Installation
               Rubin Museum of Art, “Flag Project”, organized by Kiki Smith, Arlene Shechet
               Lohin-Geduld Gallery, NYC- “Seismic Disturbance”
2003      Interfaith Center, NYC-“Immersion” curated by Tara Ruth
               Educational Alliance, NYC – “My Mother’s an Artist“ curated by Sheila Pepe
2002     “Assilah Arts Festival,” Morocco
               Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, Ma.           
               National Academy of Design: The 177th Annual: An Invitational Exhibition -
               Ellin P. Speyer Prize recipient
2001    " Watercolor in the Abstract", a traveling museum show curated by Alex Muse with
                Pamela Auchincloss                     
2000       Nature Morte, New Delhi, India
1999      Debs & Co., NYC - "Stars of Track and Field"
1997      Debs & Co., NYC - "Very Large Array"
                Brooklyn Museum -"Current Undercurrent"
                E.S. Vandam, NYC - "Shadow Traffic"
1996      View Room Exhibitions, NYC - "Set off" Neiman Center at Columbia University,
                Pierogi 2000, NYC - "The Art Exchange Show"
1995       Lombard Freid, NYC - "Wheel of Fortune", Curated by Amy Lipton
                O'Hara Gallery, NYC - "Small Paintings", Curated by Michael Walls
                Manhattan Art Project, NYC
1994       Cristinerose Gallery, NYC - "Chasing Angels"
                E.S. Vandam, NYC - "East/West"
                Workspace, NYC - "Flooding Camera"
                E.S. Vandam, NYC-"Painting"
1993      4 Walls Brooklyn - "Fear of a Jewish Planet"
                Drawing Center, NYC
                Amy Lipton Gallery, NYC
                Richard Anderson, NYC - "Songs of Retribution", Curated with Nancy Spero
1992       Pratt Manhattan, NYC - "The Nature of Science"
                Ewing Gallery, U. of Tennessee 
                International House, NYC -"Detour" curated by Sandra Antelo-Suarez
1991      Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, "New Directions", Curated by Elaine King
                John Post Lee Gallery, NYC - "Ho, Ho, Ho"
1989       Sandra Gering Gallery, NYC - "Specific Metaphysics"
                Scott Hanson Gallery, NYC - "Small Scale Work"
1988       Kresge Art Museum, Ml - "Art of the 1980's: Artists from the Eli Broad Family Foundation Collection"
                White Columns, NYC
                University of Tennessee, Ewing Gallery, Knoxville
                McNeil Gallery, Philadelphia, PA- "ln Her Own Voice", Curated by Saul Ostrow
                IGI Javits Center, NYC - "Four Corners of Abstraction", Curated by Bill Arning
1987       Wolff Gallery, NYC - "Real Pictures"
                Carl Solway Gallery, OH - "Dreams of the Alchemist"
                Four Walls, NJ - "Claudia Hart, Suzanne Joelson, Deborah Kass, Pat Steir"
1986       Diane Brown Gallery, NYC - "RISD in New York"
                Wolff Gallery, NYC - "New Work on Paper"
                S.L. Simpson Gallery, Toronto, Canada - "Ultrasurd", Curated by Collins and Milazzo
                Simard-Halm and Shee Gallery, LA, CA "Painterly Abstraction", Curated by Charles             Kessler
                Ruthven Gallery, OH - "New York East Village Exhibition"
                Mandlezoom, Montal to di Castio, Italy, Curated by Antonio d'Avossa
1985       Lorence Monk Gallery, NYC
                P.P.O.W Gallery, NYC
1984       Wolff Gallery, NYC
                Philadelphia College of Art, Phil., PA - "Portrait Show", Curated by Henry McNeil Jr.
1983       Newcastle, England - "New York, New York"
                Olsen Gallery, NYC, Curated by Nicole Klagsbrun
                Concord Gallery, NYC
                Leila Taghinia Milani Gallery, NYC
                Middle Collegiate Church, NYC -"Resurrection Show"
                Paiais Des Beaux Arts, Brusseis, Belgium
1982       Edward Thorp Gallery, NYC
                Cheltenham Art Center, Phil., PA - "The Raw Edge"
                The Drawing Center, NYC - Anniversary Show
1981       ProvincetownArtAssociation, Provincetown, MA
                Josef Gallery, NYC - "Moonlighting", Curated by Carole Ann Klonarides
1980       The Drawing Center, NYC - "Selections"

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1981       Costume Designer: Robert Kovich and Dancers
1979       Costume Designer: David Gordon Pick Up Company
                Scenic Artist for Backdrops: "Dance", Lucinda Childs, Philip Glass and Sol Lewitt
1978       Masks for John Cage Performance, Waiker Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN
1977       Scenic and Lighting Designer for Nina Weiner & Dancers
1976       Lighting Design and Scenic Artist for Theatre du Slience, France
                Costume Designer,Assistant to Charles Atlas, Scenic Artist and Stage Manager for Merce Cunningham Dance Co.,
                executed designs by Graves, Johns, Rauschenberg and Warhol
1974       Lighting Design for Choreographers including David Gordon, Deborah Jowitt,                        
                Rosalind Newman and Grand Union



2010        American Academy of Arts and Letters, Purchase Prize
2005        The Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation
2002        National Academy of Design
1987        National Endowment for the Arts